61 typography pieces by Josh Mirman, owner of Zen Monkey Studios. If you want this kind of style, he’s your guy. We wanted to do this at 50 pieces, but someone miscounted!

Row 1: Shark, Lumpy Space Princess, Jake, Finn, BMO

Row 2: Boober, Gobo, Buzz Lightyear, Link for Loot Crate, Pikachu

Row 3: Egon, Megaman Portrait, Jack Skellington, Megaman

Row 4: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, Mario

Row 5: PBS commission, Arrested Development, Street Fighter, Samus, Master Chief

Row 6: Luigi, Link, Cat for lizmiele.com, Protoman, Bender

Row 7: Megaman X, Zero, Vile, Jason Shulman portrait (commission), Stephen Colbert

Row 8: Leonardo, Manhattan, Barney’s Bro Code, Vader, Stormtrooper

Row 9: Conan’s Hair, Andy Richter, Conan O’Brien, follow up Conan, Sonic the hedgehog

Row 10: Creeper, Mario’s Power Ups

Row 11: Count Von Count, Elmo, Mustard Plug, Pac-Man, Commission for a teacher

Row 12: Servbot, Protoman, Shredder, Pokeball, Arcade machine, Bruceman, Bruceman in a rock venue flyer, cousin Elena, Brentalfloss, the original Mario

Missing: Things made for charity, SOPA Skull and Crossbones, a bad Chris Hardwick, probably others… 

Let’s aim for 70 by the end of the year! Who would you like to see?